All about Certified Scrum Master Certification

Scrum is an agile software development structure for managing software projects, product or application advancement. It gives a flexible and holistic product development strategy where the team can self-organize. This encourages physical co-location or close online collaboration and face to face communication among all team members.

The key theory of Scrum is that during a project the customers are able to change their minds. The changing requirements are often called as churn that can be easily addressed with this software.

Role of a Scrum Master

Scrum is assisted by a Scrum Master, who is liable to remove all the hurdles the team is facing and help them to deliver the product goals and deliverables. A certified professional is the one who enforces the rules of Scrum and often leads key meetings and challenges the team for improvement. The role of the Scrum Master is referred to as a servant-leader to emphasize on these dual perspectives. Although the professional has no authority over Scrum team members but has complete authority over the process.


Value Addition of the Certified Scrum Master Certification

All attendees who complete the training course and pass the Scrum Alliance CSM online exam attain the certification of Certified Scrum Masters (CSMs) and get listed on the Scrum Alliance website’s registry. The official recognition is on the basis of full attendance, active participation in the course and eventually, successfully passing the exam. There is no easy route to take the exam without first having completed the Master course. There are no pre-requisites for attending (other than about 60 minutes of assigned reading prior to the class, which will be provided upon registration.)

As Certified Scrum Masters or attendees, you receive a certificate and individual license from the Scrum Alliance and this gives you the permission the course training materials that can be used with their own teams and they can have also have access to Scrum Alliance website’s restricted areas for various planning tools and other materials.

The certification defines knowledge of the subject and some level of experience and the effort put in attaining qualifications shows up the time you have invested and genuine interest in excelling further. Thus it adds value to attain the job as well.

How to Apply For Certified Scrum Master Exam?

A Certified Scrum Master® (CSM) is someone who has been trained by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) with the Scrum practices, principles and terminology that aids them to perform the role of Scrum Master®.

A Certified Scrum Master® course is a first step on the way to grow more responsive. Continuing education and experience are necessary steps to become a practicing Scrum professional.

You will become a certified professional after you pass the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) test. You have two opportunities within 60 days, after you receive your welcome email, to pass the test at no cost.

Format of the SCM Exam

The certification process involves achieving a passing score of 24. One has to appear a 35 question exam within a span of 60 days of taking the CSM course. After completing the exam, you will be shown the incorrect answers but not the possible right answers to maintain the security and integrity of the exam.

You can stop and restart as many times required. You can also skip, bookmark questions for later review and go back. Review again and later submit your test for scoring. When you click ‘submit’ at the end, a warning message will appear if you have any unanswered questions. Test results will appear immediately on your computer screen.

If you do not pass the exam in first attempt you can try until 60 days and learn through the process. If you fail the exam for the second time you need to pay $25 each as exam fee to Scrum Alliance for further attempts.

Preparation for the Exam

To become a Certified Scrum Master you need to attend and actively participate in the two-day CSM Class taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer and later take a one-hour on-line exam.

To sum it up a good Scrum Master protects the team from complacency. He is the process owner whose goal is to meet the objectives of the company using agile software and facilitate meetings. For continuous improvement the professional must engage his practices at workplace and keep oneself updated.