Course Creation

Welcome, You are going to inspire millions of students with your skills. Create interactive lessons that nurture and engage students. Please accept our congratulations on starting a new journey.

Unanth is the next generation e-learning marketplace providing students with a unique learning experience and skills which help them in their career and future life. The courses are integrated with quizzes, real-world examples, projects along with supplementary material, for ex, coding (exercise) files for programming courses.

Why Teach Online?

  • Online teaching allows for 24/7 access to class materials, online classrooms etc. This allows part-time instructors with full-time jobs the ability to perform their teaching duties at their convenience.
  • Students appreciate regular communication and timely feedback on their progress.
  • The online environment provides an opportunity for a community that surpasses those for on the ground instructors.
  • Using the internet as a classroom provides the instructor the ability to conduct classes with students from across multiple time zones, without having to travel. Because of this, smaller specialized classes are more likely to have enough students to be feasible. This allows instructors more opportunities to teach and is especially valuable for training offered by professional organizations.

Why Unanth?

  • Students get access to wide range of content in different languages to evaluate development.
  • Build your course in your free time using free and easy to use tools.
  • Choose your own topic and style according to the demand of present era.
  • Become popular and earn thousands and millions of fans.
  • Better user interface for both tutors and students.
  • Proper discussion forum between students and instructors to interact and find solution to a problem.

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