Tutor Revenue Share

We are glad you choose to publish your course on the Unanth platform. Publishing in our platform is free and you can publish as many free or paid courses as you like. We operate on win-win principle, where tutors bring amazing content and we bring huge traffic.

No course will be getting paid on Unanth if its free on any other domain or site.

Primarily sale, of course, can happen in 3 scenarios (sales source):-

  1. Tutor– Tutor create coupon code and send the link to students. Students click on that link, register on site and complete the sale.
  2. Unanth Marketing– Students find the course/platform via unanth paid ads (like PPC, Facebook ads, email marketing etc) and complete the sale
  3. Affiliate– Students find the course/platform through the affiliate link and complete the sale.

Revenue Distribution Scheme


Unanth Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

If a student buys a course using Tutor coupon code and link, then Tutor earn 100% (minus payment gateway charges, 4%)

If Unanth sells the course then Tutor earn 50% and Unanth get 50%.

If course sells by an affiliate, then Tutor earn 25%, Unanth earns 25% and affiliate earns 50%.

How will I get my Payment from Unanth?

All tutors who publish paid courses must have a contract with Unanth Technologies Pvt Ltd, India through accepting its terms and conditions.

Unanth pays to its tutors via below methods

  1. Indian tutors  – through NetBanking
  2. Foreign tutors – through PayPal.

Right now these are only options you can get your payment.  If you don’t have PayPal account please create one from your country specific PayPal website.

Below is the schedule for tutor payments-

  1. Month 1 (say January) students purchase a course, payment comes to Unanth.
  2. Month 2 (say February) Unanth process, if there are any refund requests from students for starting 15 days and on 16th revenue will be settled to the tutors.

As a tutor, you can publish any number of courses and we process all your payments as per above steps.