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Future of Web Designing: Trends to Look Forward to in 2017

Website designing is a creative field that witnesses frequent changes. The repeated changes keep novice and experienced designers on their feet. While a novice with basic html and css coding knowledge needs tutorials on several other web designing languages, such as PHP and Java, a seasoned professional has to go beyond conventional designing knowledge and master several new web designing traits or trends. Trends developed through innovation or experimentation are the driving force behind the web designing industry. It is, therefore, important for every web designing enthusiast to keep up with changes and evolution in the domain, and be on top of their game. In this blogpost, we shed light on trends that you should look forward to in 2017. Read on.

More Advanced Animation

Advances in browsers have forced designers to shun the practice of putting up static images, and start including animated content instead. Advanced animated content is a form of storytelling that brands are using to capture the attention of their target audience. Animations in all shapes, sizes, and styles are being created using HTML5, CSS, and jQuery. Whether placed strategically at page load to entertain users while they wait for content to load or used as full-screen animations integrated with scrolling and navigation, animation is a trend that is surely going to gather pace.

Video is still King

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video must be like creating a portrait with a message ten times more powerful! Just like animation, video content is more interactive and engaging than static images. That is because static images are flat and motionless, while videos are more dynamic as they have sound and movement, enabling them to hold attention for longer. The advantage has seen many brands shifting focus to construct narrative messages for content delivery, as they can capture the attention of every visitor. The trend is expected to continue and may completely dominate the web and all online content in the years to come.

Use of Bold Colour Combination

2016 saw brands leveling up from web-safe colours to braver, bolder, and richer colors, which has lead to an increased use of vibrant hues, over-saturation, and gradients. The credit to this development goes to technological advancements in monitors and device screens that can easily reproduce richer colours. Using bold colors in web design helps attract and retain the attention of users, which is a refreshing development that may stay put for sometime.

Card UIs

UI patterns have been in use for sometime now, and now card-based UIs are creating waves in the web designing world. Cards allow breaking pieces of content (text, imagery, video) into individual shells, making it easy for users to navigate. The advantage of using card UIs is that it allows you to display a large amount of content in a manageable form on a screen, at once. Card UIs also fit nicely with mobile-first design needs, providing seamless viewing experience on tablets and smartphones. In fact, in this time of short attention span, card UIs help users find desired content easily and quickly, which makes it one of the most interesting trends to watch out for in the near future.

Use of Creative Scrolling and Parallax

As an increasing number of users are viewing content on screens of all sizes and resolutions, the ‘keep the important content above the fold’ notion is soon going to be obsolete. Parallax design that has caught the fancy of brands is going to replace it quickly. It is a form of scrolling that results in a 3D effect as the foreground moves faster than the background, delivering a better sense of depth. Parallax designs can deliver content of all varieties, ranging from word to video-based content, engaging users of all ages. That is the reason why, its implementation is expected to rise in 2017.

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