Microsoft Excel Training: Essential Functionalities for Corporate Professionals

Unanth Microsoft Excel Online Tutorial

Microsoft Excel is one vital software that has single-handedly transformed the way businesses maintain ledgers and other statistical data. Not only has Excel enabled easy maintenance and analysis of data, it has also increased the overall efficiency and productivity of businesses. Microsoft Excel has a wide range of functionalities, which is why corporate professionals need classroom and online Excel training courses to fully understand and leverage the expanse of this software. Online tutorials for Microsoft Excel present an excellent and innovative way to get familiar with the the software, such as its various shortcuts and commands. Here are some Excel functionalities that are essential for corporate professionals to know.

Basic formulas and calculations

Formulas constitute the most innovative aspect of Excel. They allow users to perform calculations on collated data in a spreadsheet. Formulas not only allow users to perform simple calculations such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, but also allow them to perform other complicated calculations in just a matter of seconds!

Absolute and relative references

Absolute references don’t change when copied or filled, and can be used to keep a column and/or row constant. Any absolute reference value in a formula is designated by putting a dollar sign ($) before the column and/or row reference. Relative references on the other hand, change when copied multiple cells, based on the relative position of columns and rows.

Freezing or locking rows and columns

While working on a large spreadsheet, one can easily lose track of data while scrolling. It is, therefore, helpful to keep one or more columns and/or rows locked, so that they don’t disappear when you scroll across or down the spreadsheet.

Print a spreadsheet with page numbers

Page numbers on spreadsheets are very important. Imagine going through a 20 page spreadsheet without page numbers, and then having to relate to a speaker while flipping back and forth through the pages. Although it may seem like a small function, you must know how to print spreadsheets with page numbers .You can also learn some advanced tricks such as printing individual page numbers in different places for odd- and even-numbered pages.

Creating a Pivot table

Pivot Tables are widely considered as the most intriguing and powerful feature of Excel. These allow you to tabulate and collate more than one spreadsheets to create data reports. Without the pivot tables, it would take hours, just to collate data from different sheets and then draw inferences from them.

Way forward

Achieving proficiency in Microsoft Excel can increase your employability manifold. That said, it can be very difficult for techies and students to attend classroom programs on a regular basis due to busy lifestyles. At Unanth, you can easily find microsoft excel online tutorials and training courses, in addition to other leading industry programs. We provide a next generation platform that helps tutors create and publish courses, and students to get easy access to high quality learning experiences, without having to run from pillar to post. To learn more about our online courses, send an email to To access our tutorial database, click here.