Skill Gaps in India. How you can teach online to close this gap?

Skills and knowledge are the driving force of economic growth and social development for any country. Education and Skill development becomes quite an imperative sector to appropriate this massive human resource. Education and Skill development sector constitutes of Industrial Training, Professional courses and vocational education apart from School and higher education. Skill development is associated more to the context of industry-oriented training that fetches immediate employment and earning.

When it comes to hunting for skilled staffers, Indian tech firms face a huge skill gap. A few months back, a study by Belong – an online recruitment firm, found companies struggling the most to fill vacancies for software architects, data scientists, UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) professionals, as well as data engineers. The study revealed the number of active candidates available for these jobs to be lower than 50% of the demand. Though supply exceeds demand for jobs requiring older skills like AutoCAD, Java developer, solutions architect etc, most college graduates often lack the hands-on skill that’s needed to handle real-life projects.

There seems to be an inherent disconnect between the curriculum based learning at the school and university level, with the requisite ‘job ready’ skills needed by Indian corporates. Despite some initiatives taken by the government towards enhancing skill development, there still exists a large gap between supply and demand, with students expressing their frustration by way of limited job opportunities and corporates looking for quality talent.

The emergence of some newer jobs in the domain of digital marketing, number crunching and Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning etc over the last 2-3 years has widened this skill gap as only a handful of institutions offer such courses. This is where online teaching websites can help. By giving a platform to teach online and get paid, such websites offer a good proposition to those who have already mastered these skills. At the same time, students or working professionals looking to learn these skills too can benefit from such online teaching platforms where they can select a course of their choice and start learning to suit their pace and time.

Teaching online from home

Online tutoring jobs offer an ideal way to IT professionals who want to share their knowledge and earn in lieu of it. Since several part-time online teaching jobs in the IT domain are available, working professionals can easily schedule their classes without causing any conflict with their office routines. If you are a professional searching for online teaching jobs from home, you can find quite a few online platforms that let you leverage your knowledge right from home with just an internet connection and a laptop.

You can teach online and earn in two ways

  • Upload several modules of your course that students can browse and learn from, at their own time and pace


  • Create courses with regular interactive online sessions (using audio-visual aids and Skype or any other platform) where students learn in real-time and even get their queries solved by you – the teacher


If you want to teach online using the first method, you can have some contact sessions after the end of every 2-3 modules to evaluate the students’ progress and answer their queries, if any.

In case of the second, you may choose to offer either one-to-one or group mentorship to impart knowledge and hone IT skills of candidates taking the courses.

When you choose a platform to teach from home, you should ideally look for one that offers functionality similar to a forum or message board. This would help students taking the same course to share what they have learned and even brainstorm together to find solutions to common problems. This would make your job a tad easier as well since students themselves would be motivated to coordinate with their fellow students to discuss problems, talk about projects they have worked upon or are working for, problems they are facing, ways to overcome issues etc. Such group efforts too are crucial in today’s IT realm where boundaries are increasingly getting blurred and professionals from one field often have to work closely with others (like designers, coders, testers and QAs working together while developing a software or app).

Since IT skills are more about real-life projects rather than mere theoretical knowledge, you should be prepared to design projects and live tests that offer some real help in today’s job market. After all, online teaching jobs from home will pay you well only when you establish yourself as a teacher who offers courses that bring value to a job aspirant’s profile and helps him/her in learning relevant IT skills that he/she can put to use in real-life scenarios.

Defining the course clearly

To earn money by teaching online, you need to have clarity while defining:

  • the course summary
  • what the students will learn from it
  • who the target audience is
  • whether there are any pre-requisites for taking the course
  • the curriculum of the entire course broken into chapters/segments
  • a brief of your experience or qualification (that makes you fit to deliver this course as its instructor)


At the same time, you should mention these as well:

  • Whether the course is free or paid (and the actual amount payable if it’s a paid one)
  • Money back guarantee, if any
  • Accessibility of course content (whether it’s accessible from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, or with some restrictions with respect to device, time and geographical location)
  • Whether any certificate of completion will be provided


If you are a novice planning to teach from home and put your IT knowledge to good use, but don’t know where or how to start from, you can browse some online teaching websites that have sections to give you a better idea and even help you get started. If you have the requisite knowledge and experience, act now to close the IT skills gap and start teaching online from home without any further delay!