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Top 10 Computer Programming Languages to Skyrocket Your Career – Part 1 of 2

The world of technology is continuously expanding, opening up countless possibilities for IT professionals. Coding is undoubtedly one of the highest paid skills in the IT industry, and pragmatically, sky is the limit with advanced coding skills. Therefore, if you too aim for a successful career, it is important to learn some of the most in-demand computer programming languages and computer programming tutorials. The challenging part is deciding the right computer programming language as over the years, numerous computer programming languages have come to the fore, and not all have managed to maintain their mark. To clear the smokescreen, in this 2-part series, we list ten most demanded computer programming languages that can go a long way in helping you excel in your career. Take a look.

Unanth Programming Languages

1. Java

Java is an object-oriented programming language, extensively used across leading platforms, including native android applications. Powering 15 billion devices across the globe , the language is extensively used, and preferred by over 10 million developers. Java has been ranked as the top programming language to develop cloud based applications. The future as a Java developer is bright, as all leading tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Linkedin and Netflix are always on a lookout for Java coders. One can learn Java from scratch and gradually move on to the advanced levels through online computer programming tutorials. Java professionals are always in high demand, and senior level Java developers can expect handsome payouts of $100,000 per annum or even more.

2. C++

C++ is a member of the C family, and has been conducive in developing leading desktop applications, server platforms and databases. C++ is the backbone of numerous banking and financial institutions, embedded systems, and many games including Counter Strike, Hellfire, Football Pro and World of Warcraft. The language is highly structured, portable and has a rich library, and therefore, a favorite among computer programmers. The list of applications developed with C++ is endless, with leading companies such Google, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Adobe and Apple using C++ as a building and supporting base for their applications. Even a beginner with no exposure to programming can learn C++ through computer programming tutorials, and advanced certifications can fetch a paycheck of $80,000 or more.

3. C#

C# has been in the programming arena since 2000, and is relatively new as compared to other coding languages such as Java and C. C#, pronounced as C-sharp is a type-safe, object-oriented language designed and developed by Microsoft to support a host of applications running on the existing .NET framework. One of the underrated programming languages, C# can be used to build traditional windows client, web, mobile and enterprise applications. In short, if you desire to be a Windows developer, C-sharp should be the way to go as it powers native Microsoft applications such as Skype, Microsoft Office, Visual Studio and SQL Server. Though there are no prerequisites to learn C#, knowledge of C or C++ always helps. C# developers are one of the sought-after tech professionals and take home a solid income of $90,000 or more.

4. Python

Python is a versatile and simple programming language that reads as Kindergarten math and learning is a breeze, even for beginners. Basic coding tasks can be easily accomplished with Python, as the average code length is approximately five times shorter than Java and up to 10 times than C++. In some areas, Python has outshined Java as an introductory programming language, as it has eliminated the need of unappealing brackets and variable declarations. You can learn python language to build a solid foundation before proceeding to learn other programming languages such as Ruby and PHP. Python has an extensive presence in the IT world, with leading tech players such as Instagram, Facebook, Philips, The New York Times, HP, Disney and Honeywell using it to support their architecture and applications. As a senior-level Python developer, you can bag lucrative salaries up to $100,000 or more.

5. PHP

PHP is a scripting language, widely used for server-end applications during website development. Being an open-source language, it is equally compatible with Windows and Unix based operating systems. PHP is a programming language, that is suitable for beginners and also offers a host of features for advanced programmers. Moreover, it is one of the most secure ways to develop websites and is a reliable platform trusted by millions of developers. In fact, many of the leading content management systems including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are PHP-based and it also finds broad usage in web-hosting companies. As the web-development sector is booming, and every business invests in quality websites to enhance reachability; PHP is in high-demand and experienced professionals can claim an annual salary of $70,000 or more.

The Bottom Line

Many people feel there is a dearth of jobs in the tech sector, which is completely untrue. In fact, when it comes to coding, there is a shortage of talent. Learning one or more of the languages we have listed can bridge the gap and land you in the “hot-list” of employers. Given the jam-packed schedule of students and techies, attending classroom programs seem far from reality. If you are searching for a comprehensive coverage of programming languages, the search ends here. To get you started with your coding career or to hone your coding skills, Unanth offers a number of computer programming tutorials focused on leading programming languages such as Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, C++, and various others. If you have any questions or wish to learn more, send an email to, or explore your options by clicking here.