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Top 5 Developer Certifications to Gain a Competitive Edge

Developer Certification

Nowadays, there is a huge demand for certified developers and programmers with diverse coding skills. Besides having some expertise in programming languages, it is highly beneficial for both beginners and experienced programmers to secure developer certifications. Developer certifications not only give you an edge over peers in the market, but also help you hone your skills as a solution provider. You also get qualifications that can land you a big promotion, or a new better paying job. Without much ado, here are five developer certifications that can help boost your career.

1. AWS Certified Developer – Associate Level (Amazon Web Services)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a scalable cloud computing based service, which is used for creating Web applications. AWS Certified Developer – Associate Level certification enables developers to design, build, and run software applications on the AWS platform. There no credentials required for this certification, but you have to take a multiple-choice exam on AWS fundamentals. The exam also contains questions based on designing, deploying, and developing security, cloud-based solutions, and debugging.

2. Cloudera (CCDH)

Cloudera offers softwares based on Apache Hadoop, to help organisations analyze big data sets. Once you have Cloudera Certified Developer certification for Apache Hadoop (CCDH), you can create, optimize, and maintains Apache Hadoop development projects. You must take one exam containing live questions and scenarios. The exam covers topics such as Hadoop infrastructure, job mechanics, data management, and querying.

3. Oracle (APEX)

Oracle offers a multitude of solutions such as storage systems, servers, cloud solutions, and various certification programs. Oracle APEX (Oracle Application Express Developer Certified Expert), is for programmers for Application Express Workspaces. Such developers also manage shared components, authentication, authorization, session states within an application, and also use SQL Workshop to manage database objects. The qualifying exam is also a multiple choice test.

4. Oracle (OCP, OCM, OCE)

Oracle offers several online Java tutorial courses and Oracle Certified Java certifications, such as for Associate, Professional (OCP), Expert (OCE), and Master (OCM) levels. For professional-level certifications, you require an OCP Java Programmer or a Sun Certified Java Programmer credentials. These certification exams are multiple choice and/ or scenario-based questions. For Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), which is a MySQL 5.6 Developer certification, you need to be adept at writing applications for MySQL database servers. The exam focuses on hands-on programming skills for MySQL applications; architecture, design, syntax, and modification

5. Certified Developer

Salesforce is a software for enterprise customer relationship management (CRM), which focuses on every aspect of enterprise cloud computing and applications. To master this technology, you need to pass a multiple choice exam, which includes questions based on application design, data modeling, user interface, data management, logic, reporting, and analysis. When preparing for this developer certification, you need to take the Building Applications, and Visualforce training course first.

Way Forward

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