Top Reasons Why Android Will Transform Your Career

Android App Development is one of the hottest career options available today. Whether we belong to the technical field or not, today everyone is influenced by Android Technology. As more and more people own smartphones and tablets, there is a huge market for Android!

In fact, Android has gone completely viral!

There are now 1.4 billion active Android Devices in the world, and Android dominates the smartphone market with 82% global market share. These are impressive numbers. If you’re an aspiring Android Developer, this is opportunity knocking.

Here are a few reasons why Android can change your Career Options –

  1. Huge Demand for this Skill – 

Top Reasons Why Android Will Transform Your Career -

IT professionals with mobile development skills are a hot commodity right now. The demand for Android developers is even hotter. Employers are hiring Android developers much faster and more in numbers than any other professionals in mobile technology.

Job trends, according to Indeed, also confirm the hot and progressive demand for Android development skills. This is due to the increasing number of mobile phone and Android users. India has around 220 million smartphone users presently. A majority of these – roughly 80% – are Android users. The number of smartphone users is projected to go up to 810 million by 2020.

2.   Open source code – Make what you want

The best part about the Android operating system is its feature of being open source. More than before, a lot of electronics manufacturers like Samsung, HTC & Asus (to name a few!) have got access to the code which makes it easy for them to use it in their smartphones.

According to IDC, the global share of Android in Smartphones is going to peak in 2015! Here is a detailed forecast:

Top Reasons Why Android Will Transform Your Career -

Since a lot of Android devices are getting more efficient and affordable, the size of the market is expected to grow.

3. Handsome Amount of Salary  –

Organizations are ready to provide a huge pay package to skilled professionals. Android App Developers are earning quite well in the job market. If you are expert in Android, you are likely to earn a starting salary of 4-5 lakhs p.a. in India. With a few years of experience, sky is the limit. The average salary for Android developers world over in $100,000.

4.  Choose from a Variety of Job Roles –

Top Reasons Why Android Will Transform Your Career -

Android professionals work under a number of different job designations. Here is a list of the titles that are generally given to Android professionals:

  • Mobile App Developer
  • Mobile App / UI Developer
  • Java UI Developer
  • Android App Developer
  • Android Development Engineer
  • Associate Android Developer
  • Lead Android Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer – Android
  • Android Framework Developer
  • Technical Architect – Android
  • Chief Engineer – Android OS Development
  • Android OS Engineer
  • Development Engineer – Android
  • GUI Designer
  • Application Programmer
  • Game Developer
  • Android Application Project Manager

5. Challenging –

Mobile technology is not only ever-changing but also highly competitive. A career in Android means a continuous process of invention and re-invention. Once you have the skills to develop Android apps, it is up to you to design and develop interesting new apps and release them quickly in the market to gain the first mover’s advantage. It is for this reason, that Android development is a dynamic field that offers a serious challenge for those, who are up for it.

6. Easy to Learn –

Anyone considering a career in Android must have knowledge of Core Java along with the ability to analyze problems and think logically. If you possess these basic skills then you can easily create successful Android applications.

7. Gives You Freedom –

The job of a mobile developer doesn’t necessarily have to be of the ‘9 to 5’ type. You can either work from an organization’s office, or your own, or from anywhere you want. Many organizations are now perfectly okay with their developers working from home or anywhere else, as long they do their work efficiently and in a timely manner. You could be an independent developer or a freelancer. The options are plenty. A career in Android development gives you the freedom you need to work as you please.

8. Tremendous Career Growth –

Top Reasons Why Android Will Transform Your Career -

As technologies change too fast, there is huge potential for Android developers to learn new stuff and create amazing Apps to appeal the masses. Your innovative and unique ideas can even make you earn millions and get popular.

The job market for mobile app developers is expected to grow by 32% from 2010 through 2020, creating over 300,000 new jobs. This will perhaps be the biggest increase ever witnessed for any job position, IT or otherwise. The bulk of these opportunities will be for Android and iOS app development, as these mobile giants have control of about 90% of all smartphones operating systems.

9. Excellent Online Community – 

One of the best features about Android is that it has a vast and a very supportive community. These online communities interact with each other, help each other in developing the best Android apps that we experience today. The Android and the coding community is also very well connected and keep each other motivated to continue doing the good work.


There are many reasons why you should choose a career in Android Development. Whether you’re starting out in your career, or looking for a change, Android Application Development offers plenty of opportunities. Learn the latest tools and techniques to become popular with the employers, and to set yourself up for a flourishing career.

Top Reasons Why Android Will Transform Your Career -