Unanth – Learning Made Easy Part-1

It began with simple idea that learning has to be fun and easy for all. I have seen many teachers around while growing up (in family and close relatives) and their contribution to society through their teaching, they made lasting impression on me. I truly believe in life long learning, learn till you die.

With this background I along with 2 of my life time friends started imagining about how technology can make learning easy. While looking around we found many inspirations which are contributing to this thought. So we quickly started to share this idea with people around us. Initially we got mixed reactions. But after many deliberations we thought of going ahead and pursue this idea.

That’s how Unanth was born. Unanth is the next generation online learning platform providing students with a unique learning experience while offering a stage for instructors to expand their market reach.

Unanth started its journey in 2015. Initially we worked with freelancers for getting minimum viable product. Once its ready, we have shown this to trainers around and got their valuable feedback.

We are now a growing team of instructors and trainers dedicated to enhance the future of learning and skill development.

Watch this space for more updates to this story, till then Happy Learning…